Helen Skelton, il vestito sventola troppo?

Helen Skelton

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Durante la parata degli atleti paralimpici di fronte a Buckingham Palace la presentatrice televisiva inglese è stata protagonista di un inconveniente che l'ha resa molto più famosa rispetto alle sue precedenti imprese...

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  • Olimpiadi, consegnato Gonfalone d'Argento a Campriani a Firenze
  • Rio 2016: Russia Doubles Prize Money and Rewards Banned Athletes

    Russia will reimburse its athletes banned from the Rio 2016 Olympic Games and double down on the rewards given to its medalists, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev announced Thursday. Although much of Team Russia’s performance in Rio was overshadowed by ongoing allegations of state sponsored doping, its athletes avoided a blanket ban and finished fourth in the total medals league table. The country’s entire track and field team was suspended, as were other athletes, in what Moscow has labelled a politically-motivated move, an accusation denied by international anti-doping bodies. Altro »

    Newsweek UK ONC - 11 ore fa
  • Rio 2016 - Lochte trova un nuovo sponsor dopo la figuraccia post-olimpica

    Rio 2016 - Lochte trova un nuovo sponsor dopo la figuraccia post-olimpica

    Il nuotatore statunitense ha ricevuto la fiducia di una marca di pastiglie per la tosse: "Tutti commettiamo degli errori" Altro »

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  • Quel che resta delle Olimpiadi

    Quel che resta delle Olimpiadi

    La storia si ripete ogni quattro anni. Terminati i Giochi, molti impianti appositamente costruiti per le Olimpiadi vengono lasciati al totale abbandono... Altro »

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  • Rio 2016: Brazil Police Charge Ryan Lochte Over False Robbery Claim

    Brazilian police have charged Ryan Lochte with making a false crime report after the U.S. swimmer told police and media last week that he and three team mates were robbed at gunpoint during the Rio Olympics. Authorities said no such crime took place and that Lochte was responsible for an act of vandalism in a gas station while returning home drunk after a party. A police statement on Thursday said the officer in charge of the investigation had recommended to judges that Lochte be deposed in the United States and that a transcript be sent to the ethical commission of the International Olympic Committee (IOC). Altro »

    Newsweek UK ONC - 16 ore fa